Mass Email Program Also Known As Artificial Intelligence Mar

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Mass Email Program Also Known As Artificial Intelligence Mar

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Artificial Intelligence Marketing also know as mass email program for marketing, is what you can call a mix between database marketing and direct marketing techniques, supported by an AI concept. A mass email program for marketing handles the sending of emails with a lot more speed than a human being, because it is only governed by an algorithm.Automotive Mailing List A mass email program usually provides a set of techniques and tools that enable a user to monitor the behavioral targeting. Behavioral targeting by a mass email program to increase the effectiveness of the campaign it must run. It uses information collected from the survey in order to interact with the individual to provide him with the right information (advertisements), based on his personal profile (what links did he access, how many marketing email he received and so on and so forth). It uses a mixture of behavior data based on surrounding content, demographics and geography.

A mass email program follows up three basic step that where implemented in him and it follows them in this order; Collect, Reason, Act. After it finishes a cycle, it starts with a new marketing cycle.

Collect - all of the activities of a mass email program, that are intended to capture prospect or customer data, either it is online or offline, and later it save the data in particular databases, based on the users requests.

Reason - the artificial intelligence plays a key role here, because it transforms data into information and afterwards into insight, with which the program will use in future reference.

Act - after the data from the "reason step" it`s transformed into intelligence, the mass email program will starting acting on his own, starting to communicate with a prospect client as best as possible, using his individual profile; basically it will send to the prospect client, email in order for him to be approached in a best manner as possible.

The algorithm of a mass email program is designed in such a manner that it will always learn and change in order for a continuous function, in order to ease the job of the user, and only in the case the user will upload new client database, or it will change the marketing campaign the software will automatically change it`s algorithm based on the input data that he received and will continue to send the marketing email in compliance with the new information available.
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